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WELCOME TO GAOLAT Starsky Malaysia. It is a very long and adventurous journey that I cannot able to accomplish on my own. The dream of Gaolat began as early as 2007. For years, I have been continuously going into different environments to look for people who are suitable to work with. I am not just looking for great people with unique personalities, you must be someone special, someone whom I admired, someone who have brought inspiration to the development of Gaolat.

Join me as we form a strong team of Gaolat, soon we shall lay out a complete blueprint together and together we shall execute the dream in full swing. Today, let me present you a drafted concept of what Gaolat is all about, how we can work together and most importantly, why we can come to such idea, with your presence to this team, Gaolat will definitely be full of excitement. At the moment, we are still in the midst of refining the Gaolat concept hence please do not disclose any of the contents and feel free to take part actively in this brainstorming process.

Finally I wish to thank you for supporting me and accepting me as part of your team. I wish to bring changes and dream big together with you. Talk to me because I would be more than happy to talk, anything about future, anything about life after graduation. Future may still be an incomplete picture but it is never a waste to spend some time to think of it. Bear in mind that Gaolat is only one possible option. “Nothing is impossible,” I believe in myself and I have faith on you. Please feel free to browse through the site as I briefly explain to you in words - the Gaolat concept. Last but not least, welcome to the world of Gaolat Starsky.

Best Regards,
Project Director
Gaolat Starsky Malaysia

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